Music for passing landscape from train window

Have you experienced that even the familiar songs sound new when you listened to music and looked at a landscape from a train?
Sceneries from a train have various changes; transition of landscapes from cities to suburbs, silhouettes of sequences of skyscraper change to a distant view of continuous ridge line, a change from dazzling sight after you exit from a tunnel.
This Audio Migratory is the iOS application that the music you listen gradually change depending on where you are.
It will make your commute little fun.

Start Guide
How to make Playlist

The process of making and listening new music

You can use the playlist of Migratory playlist as the playlist of Sound Cloud. Search the “Migratory” tag in the playlist and read the location of each track in “description” and the sound sources have mapped. While a train is passing areas where sound sources have been mapped, you can listen to the music. You can imagine that sounds are as if coming from the scenery of a train window and passing by. Music has a beginning and end in general, but in this case here, the way of listening to music can be changed depending on a type of trains and route; going up and down, rapid and local and so on.
Because there are many types of user’s behaviour even in the one rail line, you can’t make sounds pattern in the precedent way, and need to a assume more than one pattern. Even if you are DTM user or a musician who use handwriting notation, improvisor and DJ, You have to reconsider an idea of music as a time line.
It may be difficult, but it could be an interesting opportunity of experiment for those who are tired of a music production at this point and looking for a way of new music.
We are planning to add more community contents for musicians to share production literacy. In the future updates, we will also add a movie recording function, and make a plan for a function to share a video which has a sound and scenery together. We also continue to add Social Network Service sharing and make a comment and so on.

Everyone can make a Playlist!

Even you try to use Migratory, you may not have a Migratory playlist near your train line. In this case, let’s make your own playlist! Everyone can make a “AudioMigratory” playlist! “AudioMigratory” playlist is based on the playlist of the “Sound Cloud”. Even if you are not a musician, you can place your favorite tracks wherever you want.
For example, you can program to play your favorite songs, when you exit a tunnel. It is possible to play different sound sources of melody only when you go over hill and a sea appears in your view. In addition, there should be a musical expression or story telling which is possible with only a “Audio Migratory” playlist. Please refer to the "it" for the details how to make the Playlist.