You can connect a playlist and a truck of the SoundCloud together in a playlist of  Audio Migratory Uploader

①First, you create a playlist in the SoundCloud.

Check here for how to make a playlist.
※If you edit a playlist of SoundCloud later on,it will not be reflected.

※If you want to re-edit your playlist, select the same playlist and edit it again.

②Find the playlist you want to edit after logging into Uploader

1.Click the Playlist button on the upper left.

2. A Pop-up screen will come out. Click on the “Login to SoundCloud

3.A Pop-up screen of SoundCloud comes out so please login.

4.A List of Playlist you made comes out and select the playlist you want to edit.

③Add the location information to track.

into the circle and you can hear the sound corresponding to the circle.
The Volume is the biggest in the center of the circle, and decrease towards to outside of the circle.
Since the sound source overlaps each other, you can also combine separated with loop materials. (You can overlap up to five tracks.)
1,The title and track list is displayed. Click the track you want to edit.

Fill out the latitude, the longitude, and the radius. Click on the “set Location” button.

2.The map screen comes out from the right side. Circle appears in the center of the displayed map. (sometimes it is too small to appear so please try to zoom up.) It allows you to drag the pointer in the center of the circle. It is possible to control the size of the circle by dragging the pointer of the square.

3.Go back to the editing screen by pressing the switch button of the setup screen and the map screen. Click the other songs and let’s fill out the information of the other tracks. (The short cut key of the setting screen is “control + C” and the map screen is “control + X”.)

④Setting the maximum rage of the volume

The 10% of the circle size is the default setting.

1. Setting the range of maximum volume is optional. Click the “…MORE”button next to the “set location” button.

2,The “Set zone” button comes out and the map screen shows up when you click it.

3.The red circle appears, then adjust the size of the circle.

⑤Set the basic information.

  1. The “Train” in the “Vehicle” is in default setting. If you want to listen to the playlist in the car, then assign the“Car”. In addition, there are another choices such as“Bicycles”and the “Running”
  2. Enter the name of the road for the car and the line name for the train.
  3. After the setting, let’s click the button of the airplane “Upload”.
  4. The check window is pop-up. Click the “send” button after making sure you filled out all the questions for sure.

⑥Check the application works.